Why does the antenna produce radiation?

Get an intuitive idea why antenna radiation is the basic principle that helps to understand the antenna. In this page, I will try to give a low-key explanation, no question about how and why the antenna radiates electromagnetic mathematics.

First, let’s start with some basic physics. There is a charge. This charge is owned by each object in nature (such as mass or weight or density). You and I are most likely to be electrically neutral. None of us are positive net charge or negative. The particles present in each atom in the universe contain positive and negative charges (protons and electrons, respectively). Some materials (such as metals) are very conductive and loosely bound to electrons. Therefore, when the voltage at both ends is applied to the metal, the electronic circuit travels – this current is the current (amperes).

Let us discuss again for a while. Suppose, for some reason, a negatively charged particle sits somewhere in space. The universe requires all charged particles to be associated with their electric field. This is shown in Figure 1.

figure 1. The negative electric charge has an electric field associated with it, a ubiquitous space.

So this negatively charged particle creates an electric field around it, a ubiquitous space. The electric field is the number of vectors – the level (how strong the magnetic field strength is) and the direction (direction field point). “The strength of the magnetic field dies (becomes a smaller increase) when you move away from charging. In addition, the amplitude of the electric field depends on how much charge is present. If the charge is positive, the electric field line points away from being responsible.

Now, suppose someone comes forward and it’s fun, responsible for punching with their fists. Responsible will speed up walking at a constant speed and travel. How will the universe react in this situation?

It also determines the cosmic (again for no reason) interference due to the movement (or acceleration) charges will be far away from charging – C0 = 300,000,000 m / s of light speed propagation. This means that the electric field of the surrounding charge is disturbed and the interference propagates away from charging. This is illustrated in Figure 2.
figure 2. When the charge accelerates the field of electronics.

Once the charging speed is increased, the field needs to re-adjust yourself. Remember that the fields are surrounded just because they are not charging in Figure 1. However, the field can only respond to events of the speed of light. Therefore, if a point is charged far away, it will take some time for the disturbance (or the change of the electric field) to propagate. Figure 2 illustrates this.

In Figure 2, we have 3 regions. In the light blue (internal) area, the areas close to charging are again adapted to the queue now as they are in Figure 1. (Outer layer) In the white area, the fields are still undisturbed and have the same size and orientation as they are responsible, if not moved. In the pink area, the field changes – the new size and direction from the old size and direction.

Therefore, we have come to the root cause of radiation – the change in the domain, because the charges are accelerating. “The field always tries to align itself, as charged in Figure 1. If we can produce a mobile setup fee (which is a simple current), then we will have radiation.

Now, you may have some problems. – If all the accelerating charges are radiated, then connect the wires to my computer to the wall should the antenna be correct? The accusation against them is a current flow oscillation at 60 Hz so this should produce radiation, right?

A: Yes. Your wires, the behavior of the antenna. However, they are very poor antennas. The reason (among other things), carry the power to your computer, the wire transmission line – they carry current to your computer (where the terminal that travels your battery has other terminals), then they carry the current away from your computer (at the moment All circuits or loop travel). Therefore, the radiation from one line is cancelled at the current of the adjacent wires (ie, the direction of travel is reversed).

Another problem that will arise is – if it’s so simple, then everything could be an antenna. Why don’t I use metal as a folder for the antenna, hook it into my receiver, and then forget all about antenna theory?

A: The paper clip can definitely be used as an antenna if you are currently flowing through the antenna. However, doing this is not that simple. The impedance of the paperclip controls how much power your receiver or transmitter can provide with a paper clip (whether you can get any current flowing through all the paper clips). The impedance will depend on the power oscillation frequency. Therefore, the paper clip will work on the antenna at certain frequencies. However, you will know a lot of antennas before, you can say when and under certain circumstances it may work.

In short, all radiation is the acceleration of the electric field that causes the charge to change. And because of Maxwell’s equations, the changing electric field produces a changing magnetic field, so we have electromagnetic radiation. The subject of antenna theory is about the electromagnetic radiation received from you (where the energy is in the E and H fields) (the energy carrying the voltage and current) and the transmission distance of the antenna. This requires the impedance of your antenna to roughly match your receiver, and the current causes the radiation to add up (ie, they don’t cancel each other out because they will be on the transmission line). Multiple types of antenna production methods To achieve this, you can find their description on the list page on the antenna.

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