The main function of an antenna

The main function of an antenna is to receive and transmit electromagnetic waves.
The radio frequency signal power output by the radio transmitter is transmitted to the antenna through the feeder (cable) and radiated out by the antenna in the form of electromagnetic waves. When the electromagnetic wave reaches the receiving point, it is followed by the antenna (which receives only a very small part of the power) and sent to the radio receiver through the feeder. It can be seen that antenna is important to radio equipment for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves. Without the antenna, there would be no radio communication.

The mobile phone keeps in constant contact with the base station and relies on the antenna to receive and transmit the celestial magnetic wave. The electromagnetic radiation power released by the antenna is about 440 MW/cm2. The design of the antenna needs to consider the efficiency of the antenna and SAR in structure. Higher customer requirements above 45%.
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